Stamp Art Exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

stampartsign_FCF#Indianapolis – The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis may be known for bringing in large, well-publicized exhibits like the recent Terra Cotta Warriors, but just as often, they host smaller exhibits without much fanfare. A new such exhibit popped up at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis this fall, and it’s one that’s getting visitor’s stamp of approval. On the bottom level of the museum, across from the permanent exhibit, Fireworks of Glass, Stamp Art has moved in.

CocoStamps__FCFstampglobe_FCFStamp Art is a colorful exhibit by artist and nonagenarian, Shirley Baskin Familian. Ms. Familian specializes in making intricate patterns with postage stamps. Sheets of common stamps from the United States and around the world find their way into her art. She creates flat collages as well as three dimensional pieces. Ms. Familian has been creating this stamp art for many years, and has recently begun to show her art in exhibitions.

Young visitors will see Coco, a mannequin who wears the stamps as tights and long sleeves. They’ll see a globe with stamps of the world, and other objects as well. Signs around the exhibit explain a bit about each piece, and a bit about Familian.

This exhibit is extremely colorful and inviting. This kind of artwork is something that many children haven’t seen before, and yet it seems perfectly accessible since the work is created with stamps. Collage and decoupage projects after visiting the exhibit would be a good connection to make with young children.

StampChair__FCFStamp Art is on display through December 14, 2014. Also on limited engagement on the lower level of the Children’s Museum will be A Suessified Christmas Carol in the Lilly Theater. Performances will begin on November 28 and run through January 4, 2014.The museum’s annual celebration of winter holidays, Jolly Days, will begin the previous Saturday, on November 22.