5 Reasons Woodland Bowl Is the Perfect Entertainment for Any Occasion

#Indianapolis – One of my favorite activities to do with friends or family is bowling, and Woodland Bowl is one of the best in Indianapolis. I contend bowling is the perfect go-to entertainment for just about any reason. It makes for a fun date, especially if one of you is better than the other and can snuggle in close for lessons. It is a lot of fun for families, with rail options for lower skill levels. And, it’s perfect for crowds or double dates.

Here are 5 reasons to head to Woodland Bowl the next time you have a free evening:


  • Face Time: The constant rotation and up & down will give you face time with everyone in your group. We went bowling a few weeks ago with another couple, and there was plenty of downtime with my own husband, chatting with my friend, and a chance for our husbands to get to know one another.
  • No Wait:Woodland Bowl is perfect because it’s huge — you never have to worry about a wait for your turn. Even on a busy Saturday, we walked right up and were given a lane. No reservations or time schedule required.
  • Inexpensive: Bowling is a frugal family fun option, especially because you can choose how many games to play to keep costs down. We even own our own shoes so shoe rental is an unnecessary expense.
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  • On-Screen Coach: Looking to improve your game? The on-screen video coach will provide tips and foot placement to help you close the frame.
  • Fun: Regardless of your skill level, bowling is a ton of fun. The bright decor at Woodland Bowl coupled with the high energy music, colorful bowling balls, and pulsing lights makes for an exciting evening for all ages.