Microsoft Store Hosts Halo Game Midnight Launch


Halo The Master Chief Collection Midnight Launch MicrosoftOn Monday night 78 people gathered at the Microsoft Store at the Fashion Mall at Keystone to participate in the “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” midnight launch party.

It was a launch party filed with music, cosplayers (an activity where people dress up as their favorite characters), food and drink, and games.

Microsoft Store IndianapolisAllowing attendees to play the new Halo game early, the Microsoft Store was filled with excitement leading up to the release. The Microsoft Store offered plenty of raffle prizes to attendees who showed up, one lucky winner walked away with a brand new Xbox One.

Indianapolis’ local Extra Life affiliate was also at the event promoting its organization which raises money for Riley Hospital for Children with the use of games.

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Microsoft Store Indianapolis Halo Master Chief Collection

The first person to pick up his copy of “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” at the Microsoft Store midnight launch

Microsoft Store Indianapolis Halo Master Chief Collection

The line of people waiting minutes before “Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s” release

Microsoft Store Indianapolis Halo Master Chief Collection

A cosplayer dressed as a Hunter from “Destiny” announcing prize winners

Microsoft Store Indianapolis Halo Master Chief Collection

Attendees playing “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” prior to the game’s release at midnight

Microsoft Store Indianapolis Halo Master Chief Collection

Attendees watching professional Halo players participate in a tournament over a streaming service

Microsoft Store Indianapolis Halo Master Chief Collection

Extra Life’s booth promoting its gaming charity for children’s hospital at the event

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Microsoft Store Indianapolis

Xbox One consoles used Microsoft Store midnight launches

#Indianapolis – Halo is a game franchise which is synonyms with video games. It’s a video game franchise which ushered in the popularity a genre of gaming called first-person shooter into mainstream pop culture’s radar.

Back in 2004 “Halo 2 ” was set to launch in November, people waited in line for hours, some people days, to be the first to get their hands on the next chapter of Halo series. For a day the world stopped and took notice of a video game release which would make history, “Halo 2” had sales of $125 million in the first day of its release.

It’s a record which was unprecedented at the time, the hugely popular Call of Duty series, another first-person shooter franchise, would overtake Halo for largest first day sales, but at the time “Halo 2” was “the” game to own.

A decade later, on “Halo 2’s” anniversary Microsoft and 343 Industries are set to release “Halo: The Master Chief Collection”, a video game which features all four of the main line Halo games in one package.

Microsoft Store

Attendees playing games at a Microsoft Store midnight launch event

The date of this release is Nov 11., but for those looking to play the game before its release look no further than the Fashion Mall at Keystone’s Microsoft Store.

Supporting an Xbox One exclusive release, the Microsoft Store features a chance for attendees to play the Master Chief Collection with other attendees hours before its release at 12:01 a.m. as a part of the store midnight launch for the game on Monday Nov. 10.

One of the biggest releases which the Microsoft Store will hold this year, the “Halo: Master Chief Collection” hosts a gaming environment at Microsoft Store which is aided by Xbox prizes, food and drink and social connectivity to create a experience only the store can offer.

Microsoft Store

A midnight launch attendee giving a victory speech after winning a prize

Some of the prizes at the “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” event include: An Xbox One console, a 12 month Xbox Live gold membership and an Xbox 360 console.

The Microsoft Store’s innate ability to be a technological hub lends itself to a unique experience for midnight game release Troy Larson, a representative of the Keystone Microsoft Store said. Xbox One consoles are set up throughout the store which each have their own individual monitors to play on, an experience which facilitates competitive gaming.

The Microsoft Store anticipates a healthy crowd for the event.

Preordering the game is not necessary to attend the event, though, you can pre order the game day of or before the event and receive a copy of the game at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday.

If pre order “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” at the Microsoft Store you will receive a $10 Microsoft Store gift card, the first 50 people pick up their pre order of the game at the store will receive a “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” T-shirt.

Microsoft Store Indianapolis

,  Microsoft Store employees filling grab bags with gaming swag at the “Destiny” midnight launch event

The “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” midnight launch party starts at 10 p.m. on Monday Nov. 10 at the Fashion Mall at Keystone located at 8702 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN.

The Microsoft Store also holds a gaming league which showcases local gaming events, see the Microsoft Store calendar for more information.

Also, check out our write up of the “Destiny” Microsoft Store midnight launch event to read first hand experience about what a midnight launch event at the store is like.

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