MacKenzie River Pizza Company Restaurant Review

#Indianapolis – I finally had the chance to try MacKenzie River Pizza Company for the first time. I’m always looking for new gluten free pizza options, and this one caught my eye. I expected pizza. I did not expect the interesting toppings, unique side items and appetizers, and incredible beer list. Clearly, I missed the “Grill and Pub” portion of the restaurant’s name.

What I didn’t miss was the rustic decor.


I mean, this guy greeted us at the door. In case the wood paneling and trees didn’t say it loud enough.


“Did you know your boat is upside down?”


The pizza was truly fantastic. It is MacKenzie River Pizza Company, after all. I went with pepperoni, bacon, basil, and provolone. And that officially became my favorite pizza topping combination ever.


The hubby went with a meatball hoagie. I couldn’t talk him into trying the fish taco skewers.


I went with a Coke, but the beer list was intriguing. As were the appetizers — goat cheese queso, anyone?