Mile Square Coffee Roastery Provides Global Coffee Tastes to Indianapolis

Mile Square Coffee Roastery Indianapolis

Trace Yates, owner of Mile Square Coffee Roastery, stands next to Cafe Mobile with a cup of his coffee

#Indianapolis – Morning routines are a race to prepare yourself for the day’s tasks, everyone’s routine varies, but for some people one essential step in their routine involves fueling up with coffee.

Simple, with a warm aroma and caffeinated, having a cup of Joe can mean the difference between a productive day and a groggy one.

One day in Kansas City, Trace Yates’ routine lead to a discovery, he had stumbled upon specialty coffee and had a realization – coffee isn’t so simple and it doesn’t all taste the same .

“I asked myself ‘why was this coffee so much better than other cups of coffee,'” Yates, owner of the local Mile Square Coffee Roastery said. “I wanted to know what this thing called ‘specialty coffee’ was all about. From that moment I fell head-over-heels in love.”

Mile Square Coffee Roastery Indianapolis Cafe Mobile

Mile Square Coffee Roastery’s coffee beans being prepared for grinding

Yates, born and raised in Indianapolis, was working a corporate job in Kansas City at the time of his discovery. He had always planned on moving back to his native city, but he never knew for certain what his career path would entail until that one cup of coffee changed his perspective.

In business for a year and a half, Mile Square Coffee Roastery is a the product of Yates fascination with all things coffee and a desire to provide the best quality coffee from around the globe to his community.

The Nature of Roasting

What exactly is a roastery?

A simple definition is a place which takes green coffee beans and “roasts” them, transforming the coffee beans into the brown-black color which coffee beans are commonly known for.

But the nature of a roaster’s business is even more complex when you break it down further. 

Mile Square Coffee Roastery Indianapolis

Unroasted coffee beans Mile Square Coffee Roastery purchased from Guatemala

Mile Square, and other roasters, take advantage of importers that deal with coffee farmers from around the world who produce specialty coffee beans. Mile Square receives sample coffee beans from importers which are run through quality tests. During this time the roastery also determines the method of roasting they’ll use for the individual beans. 

The beans which pass in quality and taste are purchased and sold to the Indianapolis wholesale community and eCommerce retail space. 

Mile Square Coffee Roastery Indianapolis

A small roaster Mile Square Coffee Roastery uses to roast sample coffee

“When deciding on how to roast coffee it’s all about getting to know sample coffee we get,” Yates said. “It takes spending time with the beans from different regions, sample roasting, profile roasting. We ask ourselves ‘what does this coffee from this country of origin offer and how can we best bring that out in the roasting process?'”

From a wholesale perspective, Mile Square sells its roasted product to many local businesses in the city, some include Goose the Market, Tin Comet Coffee and Best Chocolate In Town.

Mile Square Coffee Roastery Indianapolis

Coffee beans undergoing roasting at Mile Square Coffee Roastery

Individual customers can order Mile Square’s roasted coffee beans off of their website and choose to pick up their order or have it delivered to them. Whether it be a wholesale or retail customer, when choosing a bean to purchase it comes down to two details which the roastery provides: Flavor profiles and origin of the coffee bean.

Café Mobile

Mile Square Coffee Roastery’s headquarters is in a green bricked, 800-square-foot building located between Ray and Charles Street in Downtown Indianapolis and serves as a coffee lab, cupping room and roasting studio.

The inherit service of Mile Square Coffee Roastery is to provide roasted coffee beans to the city of Indianapolis. But the roastery also participates in serving coffee from its roasted product via its food truck: Café Mobile.

Mile Square Coffee Roastery Indianapolis

Coffee being brewed inside Cafe Mobile using the pour over method

Café Mobile is a frequent visitor of Downtown Indianapolis’ Business District, Trace and fellow employees of the roastery personally brew the roastery’s coffee beans for patrons. One unique aspect about Café Mobile is each order is made after it’s placed, a patron’s cup of coffee is served fresh and made on-the-spot.

Café Mobile also offers pastries which are specifically paired for the coffee the food truck offers by a private pastry chef.

Mile Square Coffee Roastery Indianapolis

Rosemary lemon scones which were paired with Mile Square Coffee Roaster’s coffee last Thursday

Café Mobile serves to fill in a gap which the roastery’s small location cannot offer, a place to purchase cups of coffee on site.

Yates believes that coffee is the next big movement in Indianapolis, a town which has become familiar with the growing specialty food and craft beer movements. With the growth of coffee, Yates aspires to move Mile Square to a bigger location to accommodate a café along with a bigger educational facility for those wanting to learn more about specialty coffee.


Café Mobile

“One thing about Hoosiers is that we’re proud of our own, we like local,” Yates said. “We’re proud of our local sports franchises and sports heroes, local musicians. Hoosiers take a lot of pride in rooting for each other and supporting one another. It’s a cool time to be in Indianapolis, no doubt about it, and we feel very strongly that coffee is the next big thing.”

“If we can help people discover how great coffee can be and help people have that light bulb moment that I had a few years ago, man that’s cool,” Yates said.

For now, Café Mobile serves as Mile Square’s place to purchase coffee specifically from the roastery. If you’d like to know where their food truck will be in the city be sure to follow their Twitter account, @mscoffeeroaster, which provides location updates.

Mile Square Coffee Roastery Indianapolis

Trace and Nick from Mile Square Coffee Roastery working in Café Mobile

If you’d like to purchase coffee beans from Mile Square be sure to head to their website for information on ordering and pick up. 

Mile Square also provides classes starting in December on subjects regarding: Home brewing methods, an introduction to specialty coffee, an introduction and advanced courses in espressos, and more. If you’d like more information regarding coffee classes and how to join click the link here.

“I’m excited about contributing to the neighborhood I’ve loved all my life,” Yates said.

“The biggest objective we have [at Mile Square] is to help people discover that all coffee don’t taste the same,” Yates said. “If you drink coffee each morning why not drink great coffee … why settle for anything less?”

For more pictures taken of Café Mobile and Mile Square Coffee Roastery’s operating location scroll below.

Mile Square Coffee Roastery Indianapolis

Nick serving a customer in Café Mobile

Mile Square Coffee Roastery Indianapolis

Mile Square Coffee Roastery Indianapolis

Nick, an employee of Mile Square Coffee Roastery, dropping in coffee beans to be roasted

Mile Square Coffee Roastery Indianapolis

Mile Square Coffee Roastery Indianapolis

Mile Square Coffee Roastery’s roaster named “Lil’ Ray” after Ray Charles and the roastery’s operating location on Ray Street