Indy Reads Books: More Than Just a Bookstore

Indy-Reads-BooksTucked in the far corner of Mass Ave lies my very favorite place in Indianapolis. Indy Reads Books is so much more than just a bookstore. One step inside, and you’re instantly transported to — well, I don’t know what.

It almost feels like you could be in the middle of a movie. It’s the shop around the corner. It’s a vintage book store. It’s a local legend. It’s a cozy meeting spot and event venue. And, it’s got a big heart.

Bookstore profits support Indy Reads — an Indianapolis non-profit to improve adult literacy. Indy Reads provides programs including tutoring, small group sessions, English as a Second Language instruction, and “Literacy Labs” at neighborhood centers.

Indy-Reads-Books-columnIt’s become a bit of a neighborhood center itself. With cozy chairs, hangout areas, and event-hosting, Indy Reads Books is my happy place. Columns and desks made from books. Chalkboard walls. Vintage typeset signage.

It is beautiful and amazing and everything a bookstore should be.

I could spend all day just breathing in the vintage book scent. Do they make a candle for that? We should start a petition. Forget pumpkin spice. I want the smell of vintage books to permeate every inch of my house.

Until that candle idea takes off, I’ll just have to work on filling our home with actual vintage books, and at these prices, that’s not a challenge at all.

Kids’ books are only $1 each. There’s a huge, colorful wall of children’s picture books. I’ve found some of our favorites and awesome classic titles in excellent condition, for just a dollar. Indy Reads Books also carries a variety of secondhand books in all categories. They also sell plenty of new books and have an entire section featuring local authors, so you can support Indianapolis writers and Central Indiana literacy all at the same time!