Black Friday Shopping in Indianapolis

Black-Friday-Shopping-in-IndianapolisThis is my favorite week of the entire year. We are just a few short days away from Thanksgiving, and our food prep is underway. We’re menu planning and shopping and baking in preparation for the big day. And the next big day starts right way — Black Friday has officially bled into Thanksgiving.

I’m sure you have your own opinions on Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday shopping, but I’ll be out as always, immediately following our big feast.

The hubby is on cleanup and kids, while my mom, sisters, and I head out to shop with friends and cousins. I’ll get the majority of our holiday shopping in one, huge, overnight adventure.

Here is everything you need to know for a successful Black Friday in Indianapolis:


Traffic congestion will be the biggest issue in construction areas and near shopping malls and large plazas. Tune in to your favorite local radio station for regular updates. They’re all really good at keeping listeners up to date on the latest issues.

The Deals

A quick Google search for Black Friday 2014 will get you a sneak peek at the deals that will be available. To get your hands on a physical copy of the ads to page through or price match, pick up a copy of the Indianapolis Star on Thursday morning. Some ads will also be delivered in the Wednesday mailers.

Hoosier Hospitality

I’ve always been pleasantly surprised with out friendly and helpful everyone is on Black Friday. I don’t mean the customer service, although they’re usually merry and bright as well. There’s camaraderie to Black Friday shopping, and we make friends all over the city, often bumping into the same smiling faces at multiple stores.

Store Openings

This list will be updated as local stores announce their Black Friday times.