3 Great Places to See Jazz in the Indianapolis

The Jazz Kitchen Indianapolis

The Jazz Kitchen located in Broad Ripple

#Indianapolis – Jazz is a music genre which is organic and takes on the personalities of the musicians. Live jazz intensifies those qualities creating a musical ambiance which incorporates the live setting and players talking to each other through their instruments to create a freestyle experience which is unique every time.

Indianapolis may not seem like a city to see jazz in, but if you know where to look you can experience some great jazz music in the city.

For people who enjoy jazz the Chatterbox Jazz Club, the Jazz Kitchen and the Mousetrap Bar & Grill are three great places to enjoy jazz in the city. Each of these venues have performances weekly.

If you’ve never listened to jazz or seen a show jazz show I highly recommend these places for checking out your first taste of this genre. A live performance of jazz emphasis the musician’s playing caliber in a way few concerts and music genres can. It allows for a free form, impromptu music experience which is pleasant to take in.

The Jazz Kitchen Indianapolis

The Jazz Kitchen located at 5377 N College Avenue in Broad Ripple

The Jazz Kitchen: 5377 N College Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 

The Jazz Kitchen is a well known and established venue in Indianapolis not only for the genre of music which is in its name, but for dancing and holding events as well.

The Jazz Kitchen brings in many well known touring musicians and groups to its venue to perform, which has granted them an award for “World’s Top 100 Jazz Clubs in the World” by Downbeat Magazine.

The venue is open 7 days a week and offers food and drink to its customers. When seeing a show at the Jazz Kitchen keep in mind that talking is to be kept to a minimum during the performance as a courtesy for the musicians and other audience members.

The venue itself offers a great atmosphere for seeing and listening to jazz given its acoustics and lighting. For newcomers the Jazz Kitchen can be a great place to embark on your first jazz experience.

For more information about tickets, music acts and the Jazz Kitchen head to their website here.  You can also find their event calendar here.

Chatterbox Jazz Club Indianapolis

Chatterbox Jazz Club located at 435 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN

Chatterbox Jazz Club: 435 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN

Located in the Mass Ave. district of Indianapolis, Chatterbox Jazz Club has been bringing jazz to the city for the past 31 years. Operating as both a bar and a jazz club, Chatterbox Jazz Club offers jazz at its venue every day of the week starting at 7 p.m.

The Chatterbox hosts various musicians throughout the week that play at a great caliber, these local musicians provides a sense of Indianapolis jazz culture. 

If you’re just stopping in for a drink and want to hear some good music before moving on to another Mass Ave. location, or you’re looking for a night of jazz, Chatterbox Jazz Club is a great venue to see jazz any night of the week.

Chatterbox Jazz Club Indianapolis

Chatterbox Jazz Club on Mass Ave.

With an exterior which resembles a New Orleans jazz club, the inside of Chatterbox Jazz Club offers a intimate setting to see a performance. This venue would also be great to service newcomers to jazz performances.

Keep in mind that the venue has limited seating so be sure to arrive early to ensure a seat – especially if you’re with a party.

For more information about Chatterbox Jazz Club and music events visit their website here.

The Mousetrap Bar & Grill: 5565 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana

A bar and grill which servers as a great place to see a game, play pool and eat and drink, the Mousetrap Bar & Grill also offers a variety of music performances on different nights.

Tuesday nights are jazz nights at the bar and grill.

With a stage and light set up which enhances the jazz experience at Mousetrap, Tuesday’s at the bar and grill provide great jazz due to the local musicians who come and play at the venue.

Known as a place to see good jam band acts, the players that participate in jazz night are high caliber local musicians and often know each other which contributes to the chemistry on the stage.

For local musicians the Mousetrap is known as a great place to see great jazz music and music in general.

This too is a great venue to see jazz live, the Mousetrap offers a lax environment that is not intimidating. The bar and grill feel may add comfort for those new to jazz performances.

For more information head to the Mousetrap Bar & Grill’s Facebook page

The Mousetrap Bar & Grill Indianapolis

The Mousetrap Bar & Grill at 5565 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana