Trader’s Point’s Tom + Chee Redefines Grilled Cheese

Tom + Chee Indianapolis Trader's Point

Tom + Chee’s Trader’s Point location at 5650 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN

#Indianapolis – The grilled cheese sandwich is a classic. Simple, comforting and reminds you of home, grilled cheese creates a sense of nostalgia.

Grilled cheese for me takes me back to the times where I was sick in bed and my mother would make me a grilled cheese and tomato soup. It’s a dish which holds different memories for different people, those memories can lean towards the sentimental and remind people of home.

Tom + Chee, which is short for Tomato + Cheese, ventures to redefine your grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup experience and create a variety of sandwich options which offer a myriad of different tastes to customers.

Tom + Chee Indianapolis Trader's Point

Tom + Chee is pronounced Tom and Chee

Is it successful at redefining this classic sandwich?

I would say yes.

Tom + Chee opened its first Indiana location in Indianapolis’ Trader’s Point on Aug. 29, it’s a location which is very close to the Indianapolis suburb of Zionsville. The restaurant originally started as a food tent in Cincinnati, OH in 2009.

Though there’s a location in Evansville, IN, the Tom + Chee in Indianapolis is Indiana’s first location due to the fact the Evansville location is owned by a Louisville, KY owner.

On a late November day I journeyed into Tom + Chee’s Trader’s Point location to get my first taste of the restaurant who’s sandwiches have graced the likes of shows like Travel Channel’s Man v Food, Shark Tank and The Chew.

Tom + Chee Indianapolis Trader's Point

Inside Tom + Chee’s Trader’s Point location


Tom + Chee Indianapolis Trader's Point

Inside Tom + Chee’s Trader’s Point location

On my first trip to Tom + Chee I decide to four different food items with my nephew: the Pesto + Turkey, the Lil Grillas, the Blue Cheese Chili and the Grilled Cheese Donut. 

Tom + Chee Indianapolis Trader's Point

(Left) The Grilled Cheese Donut and (Right) the Blue Cheese Chili


Tom + Chee Indianapolis Trader's Point

The Grilled Cheese Donut

A Grilled Cheese Donut sounds like a strange, yet intriguing combination. It’s hard to imagine what it would taste like, but glazed donuts with melted cheddar cheese in-between them is something too intriguing to pass up.

I can say I’ve never had anything quite like a Grilled Cheese Donut before, it has a sweet and warm/rich taste to it which comes from both the donut and the cheese. The donut doesn’t overpower your taste buds, it’s subtle, and the warm taste of cheese sneaks in to finish the bite of sandwich off.

I can’t say that I’ve ever actually tasted anything like it before, but it was an enjoyable taste that I’d like to experience again.

It feels like a combination straight out of the State Fair deep fried selection, and like the deep fried foods at the State Fair, the Grilled Cheese Donut is a food you just need to experience for yourself. 

A soup of the day, the Blue Cheese Chili is warm, rich and delightfully meaty which warmed my bones on a cold  November day. A homemade soup made at Tom + Chee, this seasonal soup pairs very well with the restaurant’s grilled cheese selection.

The blue cheese compliments the meaty chili and adds a rich cheesy taste to this bowl of chili. I had never had blue cheese in chili before but I’m a fan of the taste it creates when added to a red chili.

I ordered the small size of the chili which was a great serving size to have with a grilled cheese.

Tom + Chee Indianapolis Trader's Point

Tom + Chee’s Pesto + Turkey

Next up was the Pesto + Turkey. This grilled cheese reminded me more of a deli sandwich due to the pesto and turkey, but the sourdough bread and mozzarella cheese fulfill the taste of a grilled cheese sandwich. 

I am a huge fan of a turkey sandwich, anything turkey sandwich related is a go-to for me at a new restaurant. So while still retaining the taste of a grilled cheese sandwich, but incorporating deli sandwich elements, the Pesto + Turkey can offer a grilled cheese which isn’t necessarily a classic taste.

The pesto and turkey don’t overwhelm the mozzarella which is key for retaining its grilled cheese name, these ingredients form a symbiotic relationship which is worth venture out off the normal grilled cheese box.

Tom + Chee Indianapolis Trader's Point

Tom + Chee’s Lil Grllas

My nephew wanted to try the kid’s option so we ordered him his own. The Lil Grillas is a customizable kid’s option which allows kids to have half of a grilled cheese (with a cheese of their choice),  a small drink and a small soup which can be substituted for fruit or chips.

He choose to substitute the soup for fruit.

A classic grilled cheese, the cheddar cheese on sourdough was simple but offered robust taste and reminded me of the grilled cheeses I once had as a kid.

Overall Tom + Chee’s reimagination of the grilled cheese sandwich is worth a stop at its location to try out its many grilled cheese options.

Offering gluten free and vegan options for customers, Tom + Chee has menu filled with all sorts of combinations which can intrigue yourself or the party you visit with. 

With what seems like endless ways to get your grilled cheese at the establishment, you could find yourself adding potato chips to your sandwich, having a double decker grilled cheese, or adding mac and cheese to your grilled cheese.

The bottom line is that Tom + Chee achieves grilled cheese combinations that incorporates other ingredients to redefine what a grilled cheese can accomplish in terms of taste. These ingredients don’t hinder the classic grilled cheese taste, but add to it by working together to with the cheese and bread to create something new and exciting.

I would recommend trying the Grilled Cheese Donut upon first visit, it’s a taste bud experience worth having if just once.