PlayFit: Ready for School, Ready for Fun Brings Dr. Noize and Dora the Explorer to Indy

It’s that time of year again, the time all Indianapolis children dread: back to school. The doorways of Indianapolis schools may not be flung open wide just yet, but parents and Indianapolis businesses are already gearing up for the big day. In the next few weeks, parents will be dragging their grumbling children down the […]

2011 ComedySportz World Championships: Deadly Wit to Wit Combat in Indianapolis

People tend to scoff when you try to introduce a new sport into the canon of officially approved recreational games. People still debate about whether NASCAR is a true sport (“how can they be athletes if they just drive cars?”), and don’t even get some people started on the viability of cheerleading as a sport. […]

Black Francis Rocks Out, Breathes Life into Clay at Radio Radio

His name isn’t really Francis and he’s black in musical mood only, but Black Francis has certainly made a name for himself in the music industry over the past twenty plus years. Most people won’t recognize his name, but they will recognize the famous punk/proto-grunge band he formed in the mid-80’s: the Pixies. The band, […]

Duets in the Round: It Takes Two to Trill at Locals Only

One of the most treasured traditions in folk music is that of the duet, when two singers get together to croon to and with each other. Many times these arrangements are between a man and a woman (with entirely different vocal ranges), so there are often some really soul stirring harmonies that crop up; duets […]

You Can Do It! (See Rob Schneider at Crackers Comedy Club, That Is)

“You can do it!” Doubtless, the audience at Crackers Comedy Club will throw out this old chestnut at least once a night during Rob Schneider‘s three night run at the classic Indianapolis stand up venue. The line is one of Schneider’s most famous, first uttered by his character in the 1998 Adam Sandler film The […]

The Snowball Effect: Clerks at the IMA’s Summer Nights Film Series

Those in the customer service industry are a generally forgotten subset of society. You see them every day: they serve you coffee, they retrieve your cigarettes from behind the counter, they mop up after you when you spill your soda all over the floor and then leave it behind. They are invisible: they ring up […]

National Powwow XV: Tipis, Gourd Dancing, and More at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds

Back in the early days of the United States, Indiana was be completely covered with a vast deciduous forest that spanned much of the Midwest. In these unexplored regions of the North American continent, thousands of Native Americans from several different tribes lived the lifestyle they’d been accustomed to for hundreds of years. But then […]

Michael Kelsey Taps, De-Tunes, and Loops His Way to Broad Ripple Park

Michael Kelsey isn’t your typical singer songwriter. While most musicians in this genre are content to simply strum their guitars and warble along, Michael Kelsey uses his instrument more as an extension of himself than as an inanimate object. Kelsey uses almost every part of his guitar to make music, often pinging, tapping, beatboxing, and […]

Days of the Dead: Horror Convention Corners Indy Corn Syrup, Food Coloring Market

There will be no candied skulls at the Wyndham Hotel next to the Indianapolis International Airport this weekend. Nor will there be candlelit parades or memorials on graves. No, the Days of the Dead festival this weekend has nothing to do with Dias de los Muertos, though you’ll find plenty of people with a love […]

Rock and Roll BBQ: Loverboy, Charlie Daniels, Puddle of Mudd, and More Play for Food, Fun

Rib America isn’t the only rollicking citywide barbecue in Indianapolis any more. An array of corporate sponsors, including Weber, Captain Morgan, and the Marriott Hotel in downtown Indianapolis are bringing together Indianapolis music, community, and, of course, delicious, smoky barbecue to Victory Field for a full three days of outdoor fun. It’s a block party […]

White Denim at Rock Lobster: Shake Shake Shake the Night Away

White denim used to be all the rage. In the 1980’s, you saw it on mini-skirts, tight jeans ragged with holes, jackets, everything: it was the symbol of a new American fashion, a modern take on that old standby of the working class, blue jeans. Thirty years later, white denim as clothing has all but […]

Ability Ride for Easter Seals Crossroads: Get On Your Hog and Lend a Hand to People With Disabilities

Motorcycle riders have long had a reputation as being surly rebels: hairy, leather clad Hell’s Angels roaring through the streets of America with anarchy and beer on the brain. But that reputation isn’t entirely accurate (though many of them are definitely hairy). Most motorcyclists simply live for the thrill of the open road and the […]

N.I.T.E. Ride Pedals Through Downtown Indianapolis

When headlamps aren’t enough to illuminate the potholed, cracked, and traffic ridden streets of downtown Indianapolis, electric street lights begin to seem like one of the best inventions of the 20th century. For biking enthusiasts everywhere, night rides have always been a source of entertainment. The whole road changes at night: the stars are out, […]

Matthias Maute and REBEL Go For Baroque at Indianapolis Early Music Festival

For many students at Indianapolis schools, the recorder is the first musical instrument they get their hands on. Its distinctive screech and warble can be heard echoing throughout every middle school music room, as “Chopsticks” is butchered by a crowd of kids who are still developing little things like coordination and rhythm. Like the violin, […]

Schmooza Palooza: Rub Some Elbows, Promote Your Business in Indianapolis

It can be hard getting your name out in the business world of Indianapolis. There are so many companies for the informed customer to choose from, making an impact and drawing consumers to your brand can be an extremely difficult process. One way to make your presence known in any large business community, Indy included, […]

Align Your Body, Mind, and Soul with the Summer Solstice

In the early days of humanity, the two solstices were celebrated with the fervor that now accompanies modern holidays like Christmas and the Fourth of July. The solstices were seen as times of renewal, times of change, when the world passed from one season to another and everyone could start fresh. Solstice celebrations were a […]

Stefan Sagmeister on Design and Happiness at the IMA

At the intersection of design, life lessons, and pop music, you’ll find Stefan Sagmeister. The Austrian born designer has been very prolific throughout his over thirty year career, designing for projects as diverse as record covers and independent installations. In an interview with Wallpaper* Magazine, Sagmeister says of his design philosophy: “I am still mostly […]

Third Annual Scavenge the Ave: Comb Mass Ave for Clues, Win Prizes, Save Literacy

Think you know Mass Ave? The most artistically minded Indianapolis cultural district is rife with places to go for Indianapolis nightlife, Indianapolis theaters that host every sort of play, skit, and presentation imaginable, and a slew of Indianapolis bars where locals go to drown their sorrows or revel in youth almost every weekend night. It’s […]

Jim Fitzgerald Presents the Life of Major Taylor for CIBA Lecture Series

Biking is fast becoming a popular sport in Indianapolis, thanks to the sunshine, warm weather, and increasingly good condition of Indy‘s biking paths, including the in-progress Indianapolis Cultural Trail. The Circle City wouldn’t be quite so friendly to bikers without the continued presence of several cycling organizations that strive to keep two wheels on the […]

Indy Underground Reading Series Brings Alan Heathcock, Allison Lynn to Irving Theater

The Writers’ Center of Indiana is one of the most dynamic forces in the literary community of Indianapolis. The Indianapolis non-profit organization hosts writing workshops, readings with local authors and poets, and seminars for budding writers all over Central Indiana. In addition, they often bring nationally known authors to the Indianapolis stage for readings and […]