Pride of Indy Bands 6th Anniversary Concert: Take Pride in Indy’s Musical Tradition

This week, pride is in full swing throughout Indianapolis. Yes, the annual Indy Pride Festival is running from today, June 5, 2011 to Saturday, June 11, featuring Indianapolis events including community picnics, Pet Pride, the Pride Skate (a favorite of Indianapolis children and children at heart), the ever popular Indy Pride Bag Ladies’ Show, and, […]

10th Annual All-American Kids’ Fishing Derby: All the Family Bonding, None of the Hassle

Ah, the fishing trip. A traditional father and son outing that’s as old as the hills. For generations, parents have packed their station wagons full of coolers, poles, life vests, tackle boxes, live worms, and apprehensive children, traced their route to some Godforsaken puddle in the middle of a mountain range, and driven off into […]

Heart & Soul Jam Benefits Indianapolis Drummer’s Internal Metronome

Drummers need to keep a steady beat. No matter the time signature, no matter the genre, be it soul or R&B or jazz or calypso, the drummer keeps the time, and the other musicians follow the drummer. But what happens when the drummer’s own time keeper, the heart (the internal metronome, if you will), beats […]

T-Model Ford and Gravel Road: Hard Liquor and Hard Time at Radio Radio

To play the blues, you have to live the blues. Authenticity doesn’t come easy, especially in a genre where hard women, hard liquor, and hard time are badges of honor. Nobody in modern blues knows this better than T-Model Ford, a legendary blues ambassador who’s seen so much trouble he can’t remember his own age. […]

Slothpop Brings Freak Folk Chamber Pop to Broad Ripple Park

The month of May is certainly a frantic one in Indianapolis. With the Indianapolis 500 and all the hubbub surrounding the 500 Festival, it’s pretty hard to ignore the Indianapolis sports world this time of year. Thousands of visitors pour into the Circle City from all over the United States, turning our normally quiet Central […]

MIBOR Centennial Project: Building a Living Legacy

The Metropolitan Indiana Board of REALTORS (MIBOR) will be celebrating its 100th year in Indianapolis real estate in 2012, but they won’t be having a party. Instead, MIBOR and its philanthropic arm, the REALTOR Foundation, will be making sure that 32 families on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis will be able to throw housewarming parties […]

Glick Eye Institute Opthalmologist Offers New Lens to Provide Vision Improvement to Cataract Patients

From the Glick Eye Institute: Central Indiana residents whose vision was clouded by cataracts are praising a new lens implant being used by an ophthalmologist at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Eye Institute in downtown Indianapolis. “It’s like a windshield has been removed from in front of my eyes and I can see everything – […]

Glick Eye Institute Sponsors Second Annual Vision Research Symposium

The second annual Eugene and Marilyn Glick Eye Institute Vision Research Symposium will be Friday, Aug. 19, 2011, in the Spitzberg Conference Room at the new $20 million building dedicated to research advancements, education and clinical care in Indianapolis. The Glick Eye Institute will be dedicated in a formal campus ceremony to include Indiana University […]

The Beaver: Local Architect and Engineer Makes a Splash in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis children, students, and faculty who help maintain and restore Marian University‘s EcoLab have a little help from the engineers of the natural world. Though the wetlands that are a part of the EcoLab have been around downtown Indianapolis for about 100 years, they’ve recently been part of an educational initiative designed to teach […]

WFYI’s 40th Anniversary Celebration: “Ruby” Anniversary Promises Gem of a Time

It’s hard to stay alive in the public media world. Yeah, it’s partially funded by the government, but most of it is kept afloat by “viewers like you,” the everyday Indianapolis people who listen, watch, and participate in the shows proffered by public media. And the recent budget debate, in which GOP members were rallying […]

Tournées Film Festival: Modern French Films Cross the Atlantic

You’ve got pre-spring Indianapolis ennui. The weather’s not warm enough to go outside without a jacket yet. Your bike is rusting in a corner. You’ve seen all those Seinfeld re-runs on cable a hundred times over. You can hardly bear to get up in the morning because the prospect of facing another monotonous day in […]

The Amazing Acro-Cats Cat-apult into Indianapolis

You’ve always suspected your cat, Mittens, is capable of more than she lets on. Sure, she looks lazy, lounging around in sunbeams all afternoon and gorging herself on dry cat food and whatever she can scrounge off of the kitchen counter at night, but underneath that lovable exterior lies generations of finely tuned instinct and […]

Rock for Riley VII: Matt & Kim Play for the Kids

Sometimes you can’t help but feel guilty about buying tickets to a major concert. Depending on the artist, you know the money is just going to go toward tight jeans, decking out the tour bus with multiple jacuzzi’s, or lots and lots of cocaine. When you’re paying 80 bucks to see a concert at the […]

Women World Wide: Annual Women’s & Gender Studies Undergraduate Student Conference

Worldwide culture has come a long way since the turn of the 20th century. Back then, women weren’t even allowed to vote, let alone graduate from college in large numbers or do much besides stay at home and tend to the kids. Now, eleven years after the turn of the 21st century, things are better, […]

Crawl for a Cause: Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Edition

Have you ever wished that your alcohol consumption could do something good for the world? After you’ve downed your sixth beer at an Indianapolis bar, you probably feel pretty good about the world, but the warm and fuzzies aren’t helping Mother Earth out a whole lot. As of now, the best thing you can do […]

2011 Midwest Peace and Justice Summit: Exploring Activism and Community Involvement

2011 has already seen a lot of violence, anguish, and heartache. Around the world, wars are creating scores of refugees, disease rampages through third world countries unchecked, and people’s basic rights are being violated, both abroad and right here in the United States. Founded by a modest assembly of thirty concerned Hoosiers in West Lafayette, […]

Relive St. Pat’s with the Indianapolis Cèilì Band and Guests

So you went to Indianapolis last Thursday. You got to the Canal Walk at 6:00, saw the greening of the Indianapolis Central Canal, retreated to a nearby Indianapolis bar to start swilling green beer, hustled down to the St

Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council Kick-Off Event

Students at Carmel schools are about to get more involved in their local community. The mayor of Carmel, Indiana, James Brainard, recently announced the formation of a new community group at Carmel High School: the Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council

Banishing Bullying: Free Symposium Highlights Awareness, Action in Indianapolis

If you’ve been reading the news at all lately, you know that bullying is becoming a big issue. It’s been around our society since we’ve had public school, indeed, since kids have been herded together in large groups for the sake of their educations. A reading of Lord of the Flies can only give you […]

14th Annual Indianapolis Downtown Irish Fest: Authentic Food, Drink, and Fun

There are quite a few months between now and September. That’s when the step dancing, bagpipes, Gaelic vittles, and flowing beer of the Indy Irish Fest comes to Military Park, the only time of year when every Indianapolis resident is an Irishman (or woman) at heart. Well, that’s not quite accurate. March, specifically March 17, […]