The Indianapolis media play a vital role in keeping Indianapolis citizens informed. Below are the latest media-related headlines.

WXNT 1430 AM Radio Station

WXNT-1430 AM has a reputation of being the best news talk radio station in all of the Indianapolis media. This was not a title they easily earned. WXNT has become the radio news leader by delivering the best in local and national news to their listeners in Indianapolis. While talking politics is the station’s forte, […]

WTLC-1310 AM Radio Station

WTLC-1310 AM is the number one source for on-air inspiration and praise in Indianapolis. With their urban gospel format WTLC promotes what the station’s call letters have always stood for. With Tender Loving Care has been the underlining message this spiritual station has promoted through its music styling and their on-air shows content. They are the […]

WNDE 1260 AM Radio Station

WNDE-1260 AM is one of three sports news and talk radio stations in Indianapolis. Just tune in and listen once to hear why so many Hoosiers turn to 1260 AM when they need to talk sports. Since 2002 WNDE has been the Fox Sports Radio affiliate in the Indianapolis media and judging by the station’s popularity, this […]

WXLW-950 AM Radio Station

WXLW-950 AM is the home of sports talk radio in Indianapolis. The station is better known as XL 950 due to the size of the on-air host’s sports acumen. These guys eat, sleep and breathe Indianapolis sports. While XL’s main focus is on everything Indy, they do carry a few nationally syndicated sports shows, so their listeners are […]

WNTR-107.9 FM Radio Station

WNTR-107.9 FM is the last stop on the radio dial but the first place to look for your favorite music in Indianapolis. Unlike most radio stations, 107.9 FM does not stick to just one genre of music; they believe if the music is good then that is all that counts. Playing songs from the early 60’s all […]

WYXB-105.7 FM Radio Station

WYXB-105.7 FM is where your radio dial needs to be when soft rock is what you want to hear. This station, which is better know as B 105 FM, is located inside the Emmis Communications World Headquarters in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Situated in Monument Circle, WYXB occupies some of the most famous real estate in Indianapolis. Also […]

WJJK-104.5 FM Radio Station

WJJK-104.5 FM is as familiar to radio listeners in Indianapolis as the music they play. They run a format of “classic hits,” which means they play all your favorites from the late 60’s through the early 80’s. And that means you will always hear a memory from the good times past. While other stations in the Indianapolis […]

WFNI-1070 AM Radio Station

WFNI-1070 AM is the home of sports in Indianapolis on the radio. From their downtown Indianapolis studios located at Monument Circle this station, which is best known as “1070 The Fan,” provides sports lovers with around the clock coverage of both local and national headlines. WFNI is the Indianapolis affilate for ESPN Radio; which makes […]

Carolene Mays Editor of the Indianapolis Recorder

Carolene Mays, the editor in chief of the Indianapolis Recorder, the oldest surviving African-American publications, knows a thing or two about surviving. This creator of headlines nearly ended up on the front page herself. As her and her husband were visiting Dallas, he held a gun to her head a threatened to end her life […]

WRZX-103.3 FM Radio Station

WRZX-103.3 FM is your radio station in Indianapolis if you like to rock, and rock hard. Known throughout the Indianapolis media as X103 FM, this station has a programming format of modern rock. While the station likes to play loud and in your face music nowadays, this was not always the case. WRZX listeners might […]

WKLU-101.9 FM Radio Station

WKLU-101.9 FM, simply put, plays “The Greatest Hits of the 60’s and 70’s.” They are best known throughout Indianapolis by their catchy jingle, “Oldies 101.9,” which you are most likely reciting in your head right now. While the songs they play are much older than the station itself, its history is just as interesting as […]

Turn Up the Radio: Indianapolis Love, Life and Relationships with Kim Iverson

Indianapolis women, listen up: there’s a new talk show in town, called “Your Time with Kim Iverson.” If you find yourself driving down the road and needing some advice, switch the dial to WZPL 99.5 and let Kim tell you all you need to know. Kim Iverson hails from Austin, Texas, and her syndicated talk […]

Kelly McKay Radio Personality

Wake Up with the Smiley Morning Show

In the world of Indianapolis media, the radio station WZPL 99.5 stands out above the rest, partly due to the upbeat, engaging morning crew that makes up the Smiley Morning Show. The station claims to offer “today’s best music” and does just that, drawing in a big portion of Indy music fans, and managing to wake up […]

Mornings in Indy with Dave Smiley

In Indianapolis media, one of the names you’ll hear most frequently is that of Dave Smiley, host of WZPL’s morning show, the aptly named Smiley Morning Show. Every morning from 5:00am-10:00am, Indianapolis music fans can tune in for a mix of music and laughs. Smiley and his crew are guaranteed to make your morning brighter […]

Wake Up with Dave O’Brien on HANK FM Radio

Attention all you Indianapolis Country music fans. If you’re not listening to the Wank and O’Brien Show on WLHK-97.1 HANK FM Radio, you should be. Not only are Dave O’Brien and his co-host, Ed Wank, a hilarious addition to your morning coffee, they’ve become an Indianapolis music lover’s staple in the AM. If you were to take […]

Ed Wank: Waking Up Indianapolis Since 2004

Mornings in Indianapolis will never be the same thanks to Ed Wank, co-host of the Wank & O’Brien Show on WLHK-97.1 Hank FM. For all you Indianapolis music fans who need your country fix to function in the AM, Ed Wank and his cohort Dave O’Brien have you covered. Since arriving on the Indy scene, they […]

WLHK-97.1 Hank FM Indianapolis

  WLHK-97.1 FM is better known throughout Indianapolis as “Hank FM.” The station’s slogan of “Anything Country” tells you all you need to know about what kind of music format they broadcast. Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis at Monument Circle, WLHK has become a major player in the Indianapolis media in a short […]

WHHH-96.3 FM Indianapolis Indiana

WHHH-96.3 FM does not have as storied a history as most other radio stations in the Indianapolis media. What they do have is a top of the line programming format which has quickly made them one of the most popular destinations on the FM dial in Indianapolis. Hot 96.3 Interactive Hip-Hop & R+B is the […]

WFMS-95.5 FM Indianapolis Indiana

WFMS-95.5 FM is one of a handful of country music stations in Indianapolis. If you were to ask the disc jockeys and station personnel, they would tell you that they are “The Country Station” in all of the Indianapolis media. While they are not the biggest radio station in the Circle City, they have more […]