Like any city, Indianapolis is home to a large and diverse number of organizations, from special interest groups to cultural and historical groups. Below are the latest headlines.

Barter for new knowledge with Trade School Indianapolis

Want to learn about “Herbs for Healing?” It’ll cost you two pounds of organic produce. Can’t make heads or tails of Twitter? Pony up some AAA batteries and you’ll be tweeting in no time. Looking for tips to make your next garage sale a success? Bring some canned cat food or blankets for a local […]

Nominate an Author for the 2014 Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award

Starting February 3, the Indianapolis Library Foundation is opening up nominations to the public to vote for this year’s Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award. The award works to promote the love of reading and writing among Hoosiers as well as recognizes the contributions that Indiana authors make to the literary landscape both locally […]

Protest against Ringling Brother’s Circus Animal Abuse Scheduled for Thursday

Join the Indiana Animal Rights Alliance protest against Ringling Brother’s Circus animal abuse! The event takes place Thursday, December 5th outside Banker’s Life Fieldhouse, starting at 5, 5:45 p.m. Maybe the “Saddest Show on Earth” would be a more appropriate name for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, whose long and shameful history […]

TEDxIndianapolis: Mix It Up

TEDx Indianapolis 2013 was a day full of inspiration, innovation, and stepping out of one’s comfort zone. The theme of the full day conference was to Mix It Up. In other words, attendees were encouraged to look at things differently, meet new people, and open their minds to other possibilities. Each attendee received a swag […]

Storytelling on Wednesdays at the Glendale Public Library

“Everybody has a story to tell,” says Ken Oguss, a storytelling facilitator for the As I Recall Storytellers Guild. Care to share yours? Long before human knowledge was formalized in printed form there were stories—happy stories, fictional stories, educational stories, and just about any other kind you can imagine. In fact, for a very long […]

Watercolor Society of Indiana

For some 25 years, the Watercolor Society of Indiana has offered a safe haven for the Indianapolis arts in general and lovers of watercolor around the state. The society is a group of watercolorists that have banded together to promote the art within the Indianapolis art community and throughout the state of Indiana. It offers […]

Indiana German Heritage Society

Indiana German Heritage Society is a non-political, long-lived society dedicated to preserve and celebrate Indiana’s German heritage in and around Indianapolis. A full 40% of all Indiana residents have a German ancestry, and the German influence runs rife through all aspects of Hoosier life. Located in the heart of Indy, the Indiana German Heritage Society […]

The Oldest Orchestra in Indianapolis: Athenaeum Pops Orchestra

The Athenaeum Pops Orchestra, an Indianapolis music organization, grew out of a zither ensemble during the 1870’s. The German concert zither is a flat stringed instrument with a fretted fingerboard and 32 to 42 strings. It is popular in several European countries, most notably Germany and Hungary. It’s only natural that the ensemble at the […]

Athenaeum Docent Club in Downtown Indianapolis

The Athenaeum Docent Club offers classes to those who would like to prepare to be a Docent for the Athenaeum. This historic building is considered one of the main hubs of activity in the bustling metropolis of Indy and a bastion of Indianapolis culture. Classes are geared to be fun, as well as informative, providing […]

Athenaeum Damenverein

Founded by the Athenaeum’s Social Athletic Club known as the Athenaeum Turners (the Socialer Turnverein), the Athenaeum Damenverein is the women’s group representing the German House Athenaeum organization (Das Deutsche Haus Athenaeum). The group meets for social occasions and volunteers to support Das Deutsche Haus groups’ various activities. This organization has remained active since 1876, […]

Northside Knights of Columbus: An Indianapolis Social Society

The Northside Knights of Columbus is an Indianapolis organization and social club that connects men, women and children to a larger community. Though historically the Knights of Columbus are a Catholic social organization, the Northside Knights of Columbus in Indy are connected to both Catholic and non-Catholic Indianapolis area charitable and nonprofit organizations, which they […]

Arthur M. Glick Jewish Community Center

The Arthur M. Glick Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Indianapolis welcomes everybody, regardless of their culture or faith. The center’s stated goal is to offer a safe place for families and friends to flourish within the framework of the principles of Judaism and to promote a good understanding of Judaism, in addition to promoting good […]

Indianapolis Propylaeum

The Indianapolis Propylaeum is a club exclusively for the women of Indianapolis, Indiana, which was founded in 1888. The group seeks to be an Indianapolis cultural and social center for its women, and to explore science as well as all of the live and fine Indianapolis arts. They are also active in civic and community […]

Indianapolis Hiking Club: Adventure, Exercise, Friendship

The Indianapolis Hiking Club has a cool motto: “Happiness, one step at a time.” This burgeoning organization explores the beauty of Indianapolis in over 1300 different hikes a year, staunchly carried out by more than 750 members who are passionate about nature, Indianapolis history, travel, adventure and hiking in general. The group accepts anybody over […]

Indiana Historical Society

The Indiana Historical Society, established in 1830, is found in the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center in downtown Indianapolis.  The organization strives to be “Indiana’s Storyteller”, and provides statewide publications, educational programs, activities and resources.   Hoosiers and visitors with Indiana roots may research their family history in the vast number of records […]

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra: Respected Musical Appreciation

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the biggest performing arts organization in the state of Indiana, is an asset to the citizens of Indianapolis with its year round concert schedule, wide array of performances, and community outreach programs. The orchestra calls the Hilbert Circle Theater, on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis, its home and performs over 200 […]

Humane Society of Indianapolis: Love Awaits

The Humane Society of Indianapolis was formed in 1905 by a group of concerned citizens who felt the need for an organized society to prevent cruelty to animals, children, and others who could not speak for themselves in the Indianapolis community. Over several of the early years, the society would function with limited visibility, low […]

Indianapolis Economic Development Corporation

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation was established in 1983 as a nonprofit organization with the intention of organizing business development efforts in the Indianapolis area. The formation of this nonprofit group stemmed from a suggestion made by the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee that there was a need for a local agency to aid, promote, and […]

Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.: Revitalizing Downtown

Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. is a non-profit, nonpartisan downtown management corporation developed with the intention of being an action oriented group to address issues that will affect the growth and well being of the downtown Indianapolis area. Indianapolis Downtown, Inc maintains three primary focus areas; these include the development, management, and marketing of downtown. The group […]

Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra

The Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra originated in April of 1984 under the original name of the Musicians of the Cloister. This name was in reference to the medieval cloister garden of the Trinity Episcopal Church where the orchestra would play its early concerts. The orchestra would then become incorporated in March of 1985 and in turn […]