Local Food Company "Relishes" National Exposure on Parks and Recreation

Companies usually pay big bucks for TV product placements, but not Cara Dafforn. Her local food company, U-Relish, which makes healthy, just-add-water meals for the crock pot, was recently featured on the hit TV show Parks and Recreation. When the show’s producers decided to stage an indoor farmer’s market scene, Dafforn saw an opportunity. By […]

Andre Carson’s Central Indiana Job Fair at IUPUI

Time’s are tough. With soaring unemployment rates and a stumbling economy, many Hoosiers are getting hit hard. Congressman Andre Carson hosts a Central Indiana Job Fair at IUPUI Campus Center on Friday, August 14 in an attempt to connect Indianapolis people to employers. He’s partnering with Ivy Tech Community College and Indiana University Purdue University […]

Mayor James Brainard, Carmel

Born in quaint Bristol, Indiana, Mayor James Brainard grew up only moments away from the Michigan border. His father was a band director at the nearby Elkhart schools, where Brainard attended. He dawned the French horn early in his schooling, and attended Butler University with hopes to play his instrument professionally. Butler’s robust performing arts […]

Marion County Voters ‘Said Yes’ to Wishard

An overwhelming majority of Marion County voters approved for Wishard Memorial Hospital to build a new $754 million facility in today’s special elections. Passing the referendum allows the Indianapolis health care facility to begin construction for a new downtown campus that will be located just west of IUPUI, near Indiana University Hospital. More than 32,000 […]

Indiana Teaching License Requirements are Subject to Change

Indiana‘s teacher licensing requirements are subject to change, making the course load for college students lighter and less expensive. This proposal from Indiana Schools Chief Tony Bennett has caused uproar among principals and educators statewide. More than Hoosier 2,500 teachers and principals signed petitions against the licensing requirement change, and many believe that the Department […]

Marion County Voters Will Determine the Future of Wishard Memorial Hospital Today

Marion County voters will head to the polls today to determine the future of Wishard Memorial Hospital, located in downtown Indianapolis. Supporters and employees of this Indianapolis health care facility are hoping Hoosiers will “vote yes” and approve the construction of a new $754 million facility. If approved, the new 1.2 million-square-foot Indy hospital will […]

Mayor Ballard Helps Indianapolis Go Green

Go Green Indianapolis! That is the message from Mayor Ballard’s office over the past couple of months, and now it is time to take stock of how we are doing. Earlier this month, the Circle City was named a Green Community by the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns. Indy officially received its designation last […]

Hard-up Indianapolis Schools Could Lose Bus Service

Transporting students to and from school is a luxury some Indianapolis students may have to learn to live without. In Indiana , providing transportation for students to get to school is not a requirement for Indianapolis schools and other school around the state. Since Indianapolis property taxes were capped at 1% to help struggling Hoosier […]

Change in Indiana Law Would Allow for Sunday Sales of Alcohol

Indiana State laws regulating alcoholic beverages prohibit the sale of carry-out alcohol on Sundays. Now, the Indiana Legislature Interim Study Committee on Alcoholic Beverages is on a fact finding mission, the results of which may change the way Hoosiers buy their alcohol. Currently, Indiana law not only prohibits Sunday sales, but also stipulates where what […]

President Obama plans visit to Elkhart Indiana on Wednesday

For the first time since May, President Barack Obama will return to Indiana on Wednesday. His destination is reported to be in the Elkhart area, where Hoosiers have been hit the hardest by the financial crisis. The exact time and destination of Obama’s visit has not yet been released to the public. Obama last visited […]

Bayh ready for 2010 Senate race

Evan Bayh will file paperwork on Wednesday showing that he has more than $12 million in campaign money on hand for his re-election bid.

Bart Peterson: Former Mayor of Indianapolis

The Indianapolis education system wouldn’t be the same without the help of former mayor Bart Peterson. Known in some circles as “the Peyton Manning of Charter Schools,” Bart Peterson enacted legislation during his two terms in office to allow charter schools a place in the Marion County school system for the first time ever. Born […]