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Zionsville Inventory Continues to Shrink in October, 2012

There has been an overall trend toward decreasing inventory over the past 15 months in Zionsville, and the month of October, 2012 proved to be no exception. Since hitting a summer peak of 274 listings, the number of homes on the Zionsville market fell for the third consecutive month, reaching a total of just 238 […]

Brownsburg Real Estate Market Cools in September, 2012

The Brownsburg real estate market showed signs of a definite slow-down in September, 2012—not that this comes as a surprise, considering the time of year. For the second straight month, a marked decrease in sales was observed as a total of just 37 closings took place in September compared to the previous month’s total of […]

Mooresville Real Estate Market Fails to Improve in June, 2012

The Mooresville real estate market left a lot to be desired in June, 2012—at least if you were trying to sell a home! The stats did not favor sellers to be sure. Starting with total sales, there were 8 fewer closings in June, 25 percent fewer, compared to the previous month’s total of 32. But […]

Martinsville Home Sales Rise 10.7 Percent in June, 2012

After hitting a 15-month low of 222 in January, 2012, the total number of Martinsville homes listed for sale continued to rise for the 4th consecutive month, most recently hitting a total of 280 in June, 2012. This was no doubt a concern to anyone trying to sell a home, since it represents even more […]

June, 2012 Marks Fourth Consecutive Month of Increased Indianapolis Home Sales

A few glitches aside, the Indianapolis real estate market showed improvements in several key areas, making for a solid month of performance in June of 2012. But first, about those “glitches”… Total pending sales, always a good indicator of things to come, fell 9.8 percent, from 1,039 in May to just 937 in June. Why […]

Versus 1 Year Ago, Greenwood Real Estate Market Improves in June, 2012

In all, June wasn’t a bad month for the Greenwood real estate market. While total pending sales were down 28.3 percent versus the previous month, June’s total of 104 represents a 9.5-percent improvement versus this same month 1 year ago. Also, from April through June of this year there were, on average, 17.7 percent more […]

Greenfield Homes Spend Nearly 45 Percent Less Time on Market in June, 2012

What the Greenfield real estate market failed to do in June of 2012, it more than made up for in comparison to last year. Total sales, for example, remained flat versus the previous month’s total of 47. Compared to last June’s total of 36, however, this is a huge 30.6-percent increase overall. Also, from April […]

Franklin Real Estate Market Sees 13.5-Percent Increase in Sales in June, 2012

The Franklin real estate market showed some nice gains in June, 2012. Since falling to a 6-month low of 26 in March of this year, June’s total of 42 marked the 3rd consecutive month of increase for Franklin pending sales, this time by 7.7 percent versus May’s total of 39. Even better is the fact […]

Fishers Real Estate Market Shows Solid Gains in June, 2012

The Fishers real estate market, at first glance, was nothing to write home about. But a closer look shows improvements took place in several key statistical areas. June’s total of just 130 pending sales, for example, while 19.8 percent below the previous month, nevertheless represents a healthy 11.1-percent improvement over last June’s total of just […]

Danville Real Estate Market Slides in June, 2012

After tying a 12-month low of 113 in January of this year, the total number of Danville homes for sale has continued to grow in the ensuing months, most recently hitting 6-month high of 150 listings, much to the dismay of sellers everywhere, no doubt! Not only is this recent total barely an increase over […]

Carmel Real Estate Market Sees Little Improvement in June, 2012

It might take some squinting at the data, but a close look at the Carmel real estate market stats for June shows several improvements were realized in June. The market posted a nice 4.6-percent improvement in total sales, as a total of 183 closings took place in June versus the previous month’s total of 175. […]

Brownsburg Real Estate Market Suffers a Bit in June, 2012

Things did not pan out in June of 2012 as many real estate agents would have no doubt preferred. This is evidenced by a 15.2-percent decrease in total pending sales, from 46 in May to just 39 in June. Even worse, compared to last June’s total of 56 this represents a far worse 30.4-percent decrease […]

Avon Real Estate Market Sees Significant Improvements in Several Areas, in June, 2012

While the Avon real estate market was not terribly impressive in June, there were nevertheless statistically significant improvements seen in several areas. Total listings, for example, rose 3.2 percent, from 349 in May to 360 in June. What’s more, June marked the 4th consecutive month that listings rose since falling to a 15-month low of […]

Fewer Homes on Zionsville Market for 3rd Consecutive Month in May, 2012

The Zionsville real estate market didn’t fair was well as other nearby Central Indiana markets, at least insofar as total closed and pending sales were concerned. Take pending sales as an example: May’s total of 46 represents not only a decrease of 13.2 percent versus the previous month’s total of 53, but a decrease of […]

Westfield Home Sales Rise for 3rd Straight Month as of May, 2012

At first glance, it would be easy to say the Westfield real estate market had taken a turn for the worse in May, 2012. But a closer look reveals a different picture. For example, a total of 54 closings took place in May, or 1.8 percent fewer, versus the previous month. But when compared to […]

Plainfield Home Sales Climb for Second Straight Month in May, 2012

After surging by nearly 53 percent in March of this year, and then falling by nearly 15 percent in April, total pending sales in Plainfield reached a total of 42 in May, 2012. While this is a 2.4-percent improvement versus the previous month, it represents a 20-percent increase versus 1 year ago. Not only this, […]

Noblesville Home Sales Rise Nearly 66 Percent in May, 2012

There were marked improvements in several key indicators for the Noblesville real estate market in May of 2012, the most striking of which came in the form of a 65.8-percent increase in total sales. May’s total of 126 closings also represents a 20-percent increase versus last year’s total of 105 closings during this same month. […]

3.4 Percent Fewer Homes on Mooresville Real Estate Market in May, 2012

A quick glance at the latest figures for the Mooresville real estate market and it would be easy to characterize May of 2012 as a bad month. But a closer look shows this is not necessarily the case, at least not with respect to 3 key indicators. Yes, it is true that total sales fell […]

Martinsville Average Time on Market Cut Nearly in Half in May, 2012

The Martinsville real estate market saw a significant, 44.4-percent increase in sales, as a total of 26 closings took place in May of 2012 compared to the previous month’s total of just 18. The only downside to this stat is the fact that it is a 3.7-percent decrease compared to May of 2011. That said, […]

Indianapolis Home Sales Rise 9.6 Percent in May, 2012

While there were some minor setbacks for the Indianapolis real estate market in May, 2012, the market showed substantive improvement in several key areas, especially when compared to last year. Take total listings as an example: May marked the 4th straight month that the number of homes listed for sale continued to rise. But while May’s […]