It's good to get out every now and then and take a day trip. Whether it's a ride into the country or an all-day shopping excursion, there is not shortage things to keep you busy in the Indy area. Below are the latest headlines.

National Powwow XV: Tipis, Gourd Dancing, and More at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds

Back in the early days of the United States, Indiana was be completely covered with a vast deciduous forest that spanned much of the Midwest. In these unexplored regions of the North American continent, thousands of Native Americans from several different tribes lived the lifestyle they’d been accustomed to for hundreds of years. But then […]

Get Down and Dirty at the Mudathlon: “A Mucking Good Time”

The tag line for the Mudathlon®: “Mud. Obstacles. Beer.” Need they say more? The Mudathlon® is an intense three mile challenge with more than 40 obstacles, 100 yards of mud pits and and a post-party that promises heaps of beer. Sign up for the Mudathlon® on Saturday, June 25 at Anderson, Indiana’s White River Paintball […]

Indiana State Parks: Acres and Acres of Things to Do

Though Indianapolis parks are usually more than enough to keep nature lovers in Central Indiana interested, Indiana state parks are where residents go to be truly immersed in the countryside. There are over 25 state parks in the Hoosier State, several of them within easy driving distance of Indianapolis. Below are a few of the […]

Mordecai Brown Grave in Terre Haute, Indiana

Major League Baseball star Mordecai Brown is frequently visited at his gravesite in Terre Haute, Indiana. The Chicago Cubs won two pennants and two World Series while Mordecai Brown was pitching for them. He’s perhaps most famous for his performance in the 1908 World Series, when he pitched no runs for 11 innings and won […]

Wyandotte Caves in Leavenworth, Indiana

Spelunking is a favorite Hoosier pastime in southern Indiana. Wyandotte Caves have been forming for more than 3,000 years in Leavenworth, only a three hour drive from Indianapolis. This Indiana business opened to the public in the 1850s, when Henry P. Rothrock learned about the tourism potential of his acreage. Management of the caves remained […]

Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana

Record breaking waterslides and world famous roller coasters attract thrill seekers from all over the glove to this Indiana attraction. Holdiay World and Splashin’ Safari has been entertaining Hoosier families for decades. This Indiana park lives up to its name, featuring four main themes throughout the park. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July and Christmas are […]

Johnson County Museum of History in Franklin, Indiana

Indiana history is well preserved in small towns, because many of them have fabulous historical museums with collections that began in the early 1900s or before. The Johnson County Museum of History dates back as far as 1923, when the county centennial placed exhibits n store front windows throughout town. In 1931, the Daughters of […]

The Grave of Jane Todd Crawford in Graysville, Indiana

Jane Todd Crawford went down in medical history in the early 1800s. She and her husband Thomas Crawford lived briefly in Green County, Kentucky, where began experiencing abdominal pain. Doctors thought her large stomach growth could be a pregnancy with twins. After trying to induce her labor, it was finally discovered that the small life […]

Pioneer Mothers Memorial Forest in Paoli, Indiana

Eighty-eight acres of old growth still stand as “virgin forest” inside this Indiana attraction. Pioneer Mothers Memorial Forest is a preserved area in Paoli, Indiana that’s found inside the very large Hoosier National Forest. Nature lovers are particularly attracted to this area, where walnut trees stretch some forty inches wide, and oak trees are older than […]

Marengo Cave in Marengo, Indiana

Southern Indiana is best known for its scenic rolling hills, caverns and caves. Glacial melt during the Ice Age shaped the area around Marengo on its way to the Ohio River. Marengo Cave has been developing for centuries and is still considered to be in its evolution process. Rapid water flow through parts of this […]

O’Bannon Woods State Park in Corydon, Indiana

Former Indiana governor Frank O’Bannon spent many relaxing afternoons with his wife, Judy, at an Indiana park once named the Wyandotte Woods State Recreational Area. Their favorite outdoor spot was also a part of the Harrison-Crawford  Forest near the Kentucky border. Hiking, swimming and camping are some of the most popular activities at this Indiana […]

Squire Boone Caverns in Mauckport, Indiana

Caves and caverns aren’t uncommon throughout southern Indiana, but the squire Boone Caverns are unlike any other. Everyday, one million gallons of water flush through this large underground cave system. It’s taken centuries for the gorgeous limestone and calcite formations to fully come together as they’re seen today. During warm weather months, tours of the […]

Lost River in Orangeville, Indiana

A large underground cavern system formed in many parts of southern Indiana, dating back to the Ice Age. Glaciers formed many of the naturally georgous day trip destinations near Orangeville, where portions of the Lost River can be seen flowing from underground. This Indiana attraction isn’t always visible, which is why it’ dubbed the Lost […]

Chafariz dos Contos a.k.a. Fountain of Tales in Brazil, Indiana

When word got out that this western Indiana town would be named Brazil, they received a visit from the South American Country’s Brazilian ambassador. As an offering of friendship between the two geographically different Brazils, the ambassador offered the gift of a memorial fountain. Chafariz dos Contos is a structure located in Ouro Preto, Brazil. […]

Dubois County Museum in Jasper, Indiana

One of the largest Indiana museums is located in Jasper, Indiana. In 2003, the Dubois County museum began a year long move into an old furniture factory. The old facility was tiny compared to the 145,000 square-foot building that now houses the extensive collection. In fact, the Dubois County Museum’s exhibits only take up 50,000 […]

Charlestown State Park in Charlestown, Indiana

Equipped with campgrounds, boat ramps, playgrounds, picnic shelters and other amenities, the Charlestown state Park is the third largest Indiana park today. Nearly 5,000 acres on the Kentucky border make up this Indiana attraction, and it’s a prime spot for an outdoor day trip form Indianapolis. On top of being one of the largest Hoosier […]

Bluespring Caverns in Bedford, Indiana

To enter the deep underground caverns and caves in southern Indiana, visit Bluespring Caverns in Bedford. More than 2,500 caves are in a large cluster in this area of the Hoosier State. Some of which have never been explored. Scientists say the caverns begin just south of Indianapolis and proceed in a pie shaped area. […]

Howard Steamboat Museum in Jeffersonville, Indiana

Captain Ed Howard built his huge 22-room mansion near his father’s shipyard Jeffersonville, Indiana. For several generations, the Howard family built some of the fastest steamboats in the country. today, the century old family mansion houses the Howard Steamboat Museum. While the home is very large, don’t expect to see an entire steamboat inside. Instead, […]

Lincoln Memorial Park in Zionsville, Indiana

Before President Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated, many Americans had never seen him. During his presidential campaign, he made one resonating address in New York, and very few photos of him were in circulation. So along his way to Washington, D.C., just before his inaugural address, Lincoln made several public appearances to greet his new constituents. […]

Cool Creek Park in Westfield, Indiana

Ninety-one acres of woodlands make up Cool Creek Park in Westfield, Indiana. It’s one of the newer parks in the Hoosier State, opened in 1990 by Hamilton County Parks and Recreation. More than 80 percent of this Indiana park is wooded, covered mostly by Beech-Maple trees and 4 other known tree species. Cool Creek is […]