Going…Going…Gone: A Fun, Improvisational Comedy Act at IndyFringe

Poor old Ed, the owner of Ed’s Auction House, has died. And now all his quirky, weird, kitschy and basically crappy possessions must be auctioned off, quite literally, to the audience. Care to place a bid?

indyfringe-theatre-1Going…Going…Gone is a unique, improvisational comedy act that takes place the first Sunday of each month at IndyFringe.

What makes the show special is that the actors don’t know what characters they will play, nor what items will be up for auction, until they open the boxes containing the props. Not until this point do they begin to create the characters and surprising revelations that surround the props.

Audience members are given phony money, which they use to make actual bids. And the kicker is that winning bidders actually leave the show with the props they have won!

You could probably throw a dart at a Goodwill inventory list and to get an idea of what kinds of items to expect at the show. Past items have included such things as plastic ice cream bowls, a FlowBee, terrible artwork, and even a taxidermied boar’s head—yikes!!!

It takes talent, and guts, to get up on a stage and do improve of this sort. In fact, many of the actors who have performed in past shows have also performed at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, Actors Theatre of Indiana and the Phoenix Theatre.

About the only thing you can count on from one show to the next is that it won’t be the same. Going…Going…Gone is one of those shows whose entertainment value increases in proportion to the size of the participating group.

So grab as many friends as you can, and get ready for a bidder’s war. Ed’s dead, and everything must go.