Historic Homes & Museums in the Indy Area


benjamin-harrison-presidential-home thumbBenjamin Harrison Presidential Home

The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Home is stately and majestic, set off from the bustling city of present-day Indy by sprawling, manicured lawns and long-established gardens with trees towering above the third story.


colonel-eli-lilly-civil-war-museum thumbColonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum

The Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum is housed inside the famous Soldiers and Sailors Monument in the heart of Indianapolis. This unique Indianapolis museum is a testament to imaginations of the museum’s creators.


glick-indiana-history-center thumbGlick Indiana History Center

The Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center archives include over 1.5 million photos, 45,000 books and pamphlets, 5,000 manuscript collections, 1,100 maps, 14,000 pieces of sheet music, 60 paintings and 3,300 historic artifacts.


thumbGeneral Lew Wallace Study & Museum

General Lew Wallace Study and Museum is ocated less than 50 miles northwest of Indianapolis in Crawfordsville, Indiana, the General Lew Wallace Study and Museum is an adventurous and educational destination.


james-whitcomb-riley-museum-home thumbJames Whitcomb Riley Museum Home

The James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home is a perfectly maintained and authentic Victorian structure containing period pieces and décor of the time in which James Whitcomb Riley lived in it for some 23 years.


thumbHistoric Hannah House

The Historic Hannah House was built in 1858 by prominent public figure Alexander Hannah, this dark building is rich with tradition and shrouded in mystery, making it one of the most-visited haunted houses in Indiana.


thumbIndiana Medical History Museum

The Indiana Medical History Museum houses a wide range of artifacts dating back to the 18th century. The valuable collection inside contains historical pieces from the very first studies of psychiatry and medicine through the present day.


thumbIndiana State Museum

The Indiana State Museum has grown from a small private collection to an impressive display of the artistic and scientific contributions that make the Hoosier State the fine state that it is today.


thumbIndiana War Memorial Museum

The Indiana War Memorial Museum is another major Indianapolis attraction. Set in the place of honor at the center of downtown Indianapolis, it is a tall, imposing shrine in the classical Greek style of architecture.


thumbMeredith Nicholson House Museum

The Meredith Nicholson Home preserves the legacy of a famed Indiana author Meredith Nicholson. Known as “The House of a Thousand Candles,” it is the historic place where he penned his best selling novel of the same name.


thumbMorris-Butler House Museum

The Morris-Butler House Museum is a monument to the Victorian era and a uniquely preserved treasure. Colonel Eli Lilly who urged the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana to purchase the Morris-Butler property and restore it.


The Morris-Butler House Museum is an Indianapolis monument to the Victorian Era and a uniquely preserved treasure for the people of Indianapolis to learn from.