Top Indianapolis Businesses

Top Private Indiana Companies

Do It Best Corp. – Founded way back in 1945 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Do it Best Corp now has over 4,100 of their home improvement stores throughout the state.This multi-billion dollar company started off as a small town co-op with a vision.
Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis – A large group of experts in the field of home loans banded together to make this powerhouse mortgage company. Today, they serve the needs of customers throughout the United States as the largest home mortgage credit source in the nation.

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Top Public Indiana Companies

eli-lilly Eli Lilly and Co. – Colonel Eli Lilly founded this company back in the early 1800’s, then passed it on to his family for generations. Today Lilly is one of the biggest names in global pharmaceuticals.
Shoe Carnival, based in Evansville, Indiana, has become one of the biggest footwear retailers in the country. Founded on quality, quantity, and fun, this popular Indianapolis business enjoys a loyal customer base and continues to grow every day.

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