Indianapolis German societies

Indianapolis German societies tend to gather in the same location, The Athenaeum. Also known as “Das Deutsche Haus,” this unique facility occupies a significant position in the history of Indianapolis.

Indianapolis culture and society as a whole has been deeply affected, even formed, by its German heritage. These are the characteristics that help create the overall personality of a great city such as Indianapolis.

It is well worth the effort to delve into the past to see how all this came about, but German communities in Indianapolis are just as active today as they were during the formative generations of Indy. Below are the Indianapolis German societies that call the Athenaeum their home. Simply click on the links of any that interest you to find articles and photos on each of the interesting Indianapolis German societies:

Indianapolis German Societies

and other groups at the Athenaeum

There is also a host of volunteers that maintain order and keep all the individual parts of the whole together. Mention should be made, too, of the Rathskeller Restaurant, which also resides in the Athenaeum. This is an immensely popular Indianapolis restaurant serving authentic German fare.

The Athenaeum is one of the most important buildings in the Indianapolis downtown sector, a fascinating place to visit and high on the long list of Indianapolis attractions.


The Athenaeum Building
401 E Michigan St #3
Indianapolis, IN 46204