Indianapolis Parks, Indy’s Treasured Emerald Respites

Parks Indianapolis | Downtown

Indiana-Veteran-War-Memorial Indiana War Memorial Plaza Parks – The Indiana War Memorial, known formally as the Indiana World War Memorial Plaza Historic District, was constructed in the very center of downtown Indianapolis.
Canal-Walk-and-White-River-State-Park-in-downtown-Indianapolis-Indiana Canal and White River State Park – White River State Park located just west of Downtown Indianapolis Indiana is the nations only urban state park.

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Parks Indianapolis | East

Fort-Harrison-State-Park-entrance-Lawrence-Indiana Fort Harrison State Park – Fort Harrison State Park, along with the Fort Golf Course, occupies a good-sized chunk of the northeastern sector of Indianapolis, Indiana.
Old-Church-near-Riley-Park-in-Greenfield-Indiana. Riley Park – in Greenfield,Indiana, is 7,200 square feet of fun, frolic and prettiness. Greenfield is a suburb due east of metropolitan Indianapolis.

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Parks Indianapolis | North

Holcomb-Observatory-Indianapolis-Indiana Holcomb Gardens – The lovely Holcomb Gardens are located on campus at Butler Universityin Indianapolis, Indiana. Holcomb Observatory & Planetarium – It is not overstating the facts to say the this is one of the largest of the world’s observatories.
Broad-Ripple-Park-volleyball-court-Indianapolis-Indiana Broad Ripple Park – Broad Ripple Park has served the Indianapolis family culture and community since its beginning as an amusement park in 1946. A great place to be around nature, it’s also a hardwood tree preserve.

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Parks Indianapolis | South

Garfield-Park-and-Sunken-Gardens-shelter-Indianapolis-Indiana Garfield Park Indianapolis – This ain’t your grandma’s park! Or is it? Garfield Park is the oldest public park in Indianapolis, dating back to 1874.
Southwestway-Park-jungle-gym-Indianapolis-Indiana Southwestway Park Indianapolis – Located near Mooresville and Greenwood, Southwestway Park is the second largest park in Indy. Its feature include several soccer fields and baseball diamonds. Expansion plans for the park are undwerway, and include new tennis courts and an aquatic center.

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Parks Indianapolis | West

Raceway Park Indianapolis Raceway Park – Close to Speedway, Indiana, and the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis Raceway Park has been contributing to Indy’s rich racing tradition for several years.
Eagle-Creek-Park-sign-Indianapolis-Indiana Eagle Creek Park – The largest park in the Indy Parks system is Eagle Creek. The beautiful reservoir and extensive wooded hiking trails attract hundreds of park visitors each year. Dozens of annual Indianapolis events are hosted at Eagle Creek, which helps make the park a substantial part of Indianapolis society.

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