365 Fun Things to Do in Indianapolis


automotive & racing thumbAutomotive & Racing

Car culture is alive and well in the Indianapolis area. Whether it’s a car show, an annual race or just like-minded car enthusiasts getting together for cars and coffee at their favorite local hangout, we’ll keep you informed.


art-thumbArt-Related Things to Do

The city’s art scene is bursting with color and imagination! From the city’s many privately operated galleries to its many art related events, such as exhibits, art shows, art fairs and more. It’s all made possible by some really talented artists.



There are way too many attractions to keep track of. That’s why we’ve assembled this handy list. Things like taking renting a paddle boat on the Canal, or watching a movie at the downtown IMAX are just a few examples.


childrens activities-thumbChildren’s Things to Do

You gotta keep the little ones entertained! Whether it’s an afternoon at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, or go-karting, mini-golfing and bumper boats at Greatimes Family Fun Park, there’s plenty to do with the kids in Indy.


concentions and expositions thumbConventions, Expos & Shows

Indianapolis is home to some of the best and most substantive conventions, expos and in the nation. Theses events are a great way to meet with like minded people who share a passion for the same thing.


wholesale-district-thumbCultural Districts

There are 6 cultural districts in Indianapolis. Each district is known for a certain distinctiveness, and forms a pocket within the social fabric of the city.


day trips-thumb

Day Trips

With so many cool destinations in Indiana, getting away for a day is never a problem. Whether it’s bird-watching at the Indiana Dunes State Park, or visiting the Ragtops Museum in northwest Indiana, you’ll find it in our Day Trips section.


fairs festivals thumbFairs, Festivals & Celebrations

Who doesn’t love a good celebration? There are plenty of them in the Indy area. The State Fair, for example, is one of the nation’s 6th oldest, with attendance regularly approaching 100,000. And that’s just one example.


food and dining thumbFood & Dining

Eating at home is fine, but it’s nice to get out every now and then and enjoy food in a more social environment. Maybe its a discounted meal at Devour Downtown, or how about trying your artists skills with wine and canvass?


golf courses thumbGolf Related

The Indianapolis area is home to several beautiful, championship-caliber golf courses, not to mention several annual golf tournaments. But golf isn’t just for pros. Amateur golf is a fun way for kids and adults to enjoy the game of golf.


historic attractions thumbHistoric Attractions

History lives on in Central Indiana! And what better way to experience it than by taking a tour of a historic place. The historic Morris-Butler House and Benjamin Harrison Presidential Home are just a few examples.


automotive and cars thumbHoliday & Seasonal

Ah, the holidays, a ready made excuse for having fun! And what better way to celebrate them than by participating in the many holiday and seasonal events that take place all over the city and throughout the Central Indiana area.


museums thumbMuseums

There are several prominent museums in the greater Indianapolis area, each with a constantly changing schedule of interesting exhibits, activities and more. The Indianapolis Museum of Art, for example, is home to over 54,000 works!


music and concert thumbMusic & Concert

Aside from the many talented music organizations, such as the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra and Indianapolis Jazz Orchestra (IJO), there are tons of live bands and other live music events to see at any given time. Check out our list.


indianapolis nightlife thumbNightlife

It’s nice to cut loose after a long week of work. Fortunately, a great collection of bars, nightclubs and comedy clubs awaits you. The Indy bar scene is diverse, with everything from trendy, upscale lounges to hole-in-the-wall dives.


parks thumbParks

Spending a day in the park is one of the better ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. And when it comes to parks, Indiana is home to several nice ones, be they in downtown Indy, in Central Indiana or even statewide.


shopping thumbShopping

Whether you’re a ‘shopaholic’ or are just feel like getting out and doing some shopping, Central Indiana offers several indoor and outdoor malls and flea markets, as well as several annual shopping events, such as neighborhood garage sales.


Theatre & Performing Arts thumbTheatre & Performing Arts

Whether it’s a good play, ballet, musical, contemporary dance show or what-have-you, there is no shortage of theatre-related events and performing arts productions.