Latin Dance Party: Good Food and Spicy Dancing at the Jazz Kitchen

The Jazz Kitchen is serving up salsa, and not the kind that comes in a bowl! Latin Dance Party is one of the city’s spiciest dance nights, regardless of which language you speak. But be advised: This WILL require getting off the couch and living life a little.

The fun takes place every Thursday, as guests are treated to some of the best Latin music in Central Indiana. No Latin dance skills? No problem. Free lessons are offered by IntoSalsa, a local Latin Dance Studio that teaches Salsa at several locations in Indianapolis. Expect to learn basic Salsa moves, including how to dance basic patterns to the beat of the music. This is a great opportunity for anyone new to Latin dance, as well as anyone wanting to improve upon their existing foundation.

Known for its sensual style, up-tempo beats and playful movements, Latin dance in general, and Salsa in particular, has steadily gained in popularity throughout the U.S. It is a fun way to stay in shape, and can leave you breathless in no time. It has even spread to traditionally non-Latin environments, such as country-western dance floors, where many of the line dances make use of the same basic footsteps.

The Latin Dance Party typically features a mix of mix of Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton, Latin hip-hop and other styles.

Diner usually starts at 5pm, followed by dancing at 9pm. Ladies generally get in free until 10pm.

Event info:

  • Thursdays at 9pm (Dinner at 5pm)
  • The Jazz Kitchen, 5377 N. College Ave, Indianapolis Broad Ripple
  • Tel. 317-253-4900
  • Website