Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent

The St. Vincent Children’s Hospital was renamed the “Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital” on Wednesday, 2003 after Peyton Manning and his wife Ashley Manning made a an undisclosed donation to St. Vincent’s. Manning had always had close ties to local hospitals since joining the Colts in 1998.

“In the NFL, the name on the back of the jersey is emblematic of a player’s commitment to contribute in any way he can to the success of that team,” Manning said. “For me, having my name on the front of this building carries with it much the same — a weighty responsibility to contribute to the many victories ahead here at St. Vincent.”

It is a premier, state-of-the-art facility that offers a full range of pediatric services. More than 50 pediatric specialists and subspecialists work along side specially trained pediatric nurses to care for critically ill and injured children, from newborns to teens. The hospital also employs social workers, chaplains and allied health professionals.

Since its opening in 2003, the Children’s Hospital has grown significantly in capacity, with 46 private inpatient beds and 15 beds in the Pediatric Intensive Care unit, in addition to 85 beds in the Newborn Intensive Care unit. The Hilbert Pediatric Emergency Department, which by the way was the state’s very first pediatric emergency room, is equipped with 17 beds.

Various specialists, including neonatologists, intensivists, board certified emergency doctors and pediatric hospitalists provide coverage around the clock, 24/7. The nursing staff averages 10 years of experience in the field.