Rocket Fizz: Soda Pop and Candy Shop on Monument Circle

Rocket Fizz is an interesting little shop located off Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. Started several years ago by co-founders Robert Powells and Ryan Morgan, Rocket Fizz is a sweet tooth’s jackpot, selling literally thousands of different types of sodas and candies.

rocket fizz c andy

The first thing that grabs you when you walk in is the décor. Literally hundreds of retro posters and tin signs lend to an atmosphere that is both fun and nostalgic. And gag gifts are in abundant supply as well.

rocket fizz retro posters

Rocket Fizz is not about everyday brands like Mountain Dew and Skittles. While they do sell classic flavors such as various cream sodas and root beers, you’ll find far more products with names like “Melba’s Fixins Apple Pie Soda”, “Lester’s Fixins Buffalo Wing Soda” and “Radioactive Soda – Mulberry Flavor”, “Death Valley Sour Green Apple”, “Mexicana Agave Cola” and “Moxie Elixir”. Ever heard of Sweet Corn Soda? Now’s your chance to try some. The “Labels of Fame” category of sodas includes names like “Judge Wapner Cola”, “Snooki Wild Cherry”, “The Wizard Of Oz Cherry Cola” and for all you old-timers, “Gene Autry Root Beer”.

rocket fizz retro wall and candy

The “LA Weekly” voted Rocket Fizz the best soda pop and candy shop in LA for 2012. With the exception of the original store located in Camarillo, California, all other shops are independently owned and operated. The store on Monument Circle offers a patio area for hosting private parties and events.


Store Info:

  •  52 Monument Circle, Indianapolis, IN
  • Tel. (317) 822-3499
  • Website