Scottish Rite Cathedral

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The cavernous beauty of the Scottish Rite Cathedral, owned by the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Valley of Indianapolis, is one of the finest Indianapolis attractions. The cathedral was erected in 1865 by the Masonic Fraternity chartered in Indianapolis. The Scottish Rite group hosts many types of Indianapolis events for its members and the community, and members devote much of their time to charity, including sponsoring a school for dyslexic Indianapolis children to learn in an optimal environment.The Freemasons follow a strict code of belief that governs personal honor and moral and ethical behavior. They strive continuously to set a good example for the community and for each other.

Scotish Rights Catherdal Indianapolis-IndianaTouring the Scottish Rite Cathedral itself is a popular thing to do in Indianapolis for residents and visitors. Guided tours are available for individuals as well as community groups on weekdays and the third Saturday of each month. The intricate details and beauty of the Cathedral make it one of the most popular places to visit in Indy. The main tower is an impressive 212 feet and houses a 54-bell carillon. In addition to the detailed craftsmanship showcased by the many stained-glass windows and opulent carved woodwork, patterned ceilings offer a glimpse of the hours of artistry that went into creating the Cathedral. A unique floating ballroom also sets the building apart from any other structures in Indiana. In 1966, the Indianapolis Business Journal conducted a poll of the most popular historic buildings in Indianapolis, and not only was the Cathedral number one, but it was also voted the second-most favorite of all buildings in the Circle City. In the last few years the temple has drawn an impressive 100,000 visitors a year.

Scottish Rights Catherdal Indianapolis-IndianaWhile many visitors stream through the Cathedral doors to view the craftsmanship of one of the most beautiful structures in the country, just as many come for the entertainment offered by the Scottish Rite Theater, one of the most famous Indianapolis theaters and performing arts venues. The Theater showcases many examples of Indianapolis culture and Indianapolis music, and the Scottish Rite personnel work in harmony with these performers to provide Indianapolis with high-quality performing arts and concerts.

In order to protect and nurture this important piece of Indianapolis history and tradition, the Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral Foundation was established to ensure that funds are always available for the upkeep of the Cathedral. The Foundation is recognized by the IRS as an Indianapolis non-profit organization, allowing brothers and community members to make tax-deductible contributions toward preserving the beauty and functionality of this stunning example of Masonic architecture.

A view of the beautiful Scottish Rite CathedralA view of the beautiful Scottish Rite Cathedral

Sign in front of the Scottish Rite CathedralSign in front of the Scottish Rite Cathedral

The impressive Scottish Rite CathedralThe impressive Scottish Rite Cathedral


Scottish Rite Cathedral
650 N Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46201

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